Proud Wings-Inspirational Mural Program

Proud To Be Me raises funds for community resources, organizations and programs that help empower and educate youth in our mission towards inclusion and anti-bullying.

As part of our partnership with Melinda and Erik Karlsson's Can't Dim My Light initiative we have worked together to develop a unique program for schools in our community that reflects the spirit of inclusion and kindness.  We couldn’t be more excited to announce our co-funded "Proud Wings Inspirational Mural Program".

What is the Proud Wings-Inspirational Mural Project?

The CDML/Proud Wings-Inspirational Mural Project brings a pre-approved artist to your school to hand paint an interactive large-scale mural. The idea is to create murals on the wall where students can interact while at the same time enjoying the artistic beauty and inspirational messaging.

The butterfly is a symbol of the experiences and journey our children are on while they are growing, changing and, learning. It is not easy and filled with many challenges, but given the opportunity to spread their wings, anything is possible.

This messaging will resonate with many children who are facing challenges and struggling with their journey. We encourage the school and teachers to create projects (videos, poems, stories etc.) within the classes using the mural as their inspiration.

How can I get a "Proud Wings-Inspirational Mural Project"at my school?

If you would like to register to receive a "Proud Wings-Inspirational Mural Project" at your school. Please click the register now button below.


 Together lets make Buddies not Bullies!