Grant Guidelines

The 2019-2020 Grant process is now closed. All successful applicants will be notified via email. All 2019 grant recipients will be announced on our social media and website.

The PTBM Board will review all applications to determine eligibility for funding. The grants will be issued in late November 2019. If your program or school is selected to receive a grant, you will be notified by email, and results will be posted to our website and social media channels. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who applied.

Proud To Be Me (PTBM) will fund projects that support our three primary areas of focus:

  • Community
  • Education
  • Youth

Grants and funding are available to fully or partially support mission-related initiatives for programs and schools in Ottawa and the surrounding region that seek to generate impact and create lasting change in the following areas of impact:

  • Educational programming or workshops to help children and youth reach their full academic potential
  • Programs that supports healthy and active children and youth
  • Programs that promote building safe and positive child and youth-friendly communities
  • Programs and workshops that promote anti-bullying and social acceptance
  • Mental health and wellness programs for children and youth
  • Programs that support and promote the interests and empowerment of children and youth

PTBM will also award grants to recipients to either fully or partially subsidize access to empowering speakers, workshops or mission-related initiatives for programs and schools in Ottawa and the surrounding region.

Program Leaders and schools can choose speakers and workshops from our list of Proud To Be Me Friends, or they can apply for funding for an initiative of their own (based on the above impact types).

PTBM has carefully selected speakers and workshops that align with our mission. All of the suggested speakers and workshops are meant to empower, inspire and encourage children and youth to believe in themselves and be proud of who they are.

We are still in the process of adding more speakers and workshops. You can find a list of them here


The 2019 Grant program is now closed.


Review the questions below to confirm that your initiative meets our criteria:

  • Does your initiative encourage children or youth to be compassionate, empathetic or self-accepting?
  • Does your initiative make your students feel proud of themselves and their uniqueness?
  • Does your initiative create an environment of positivity or a positive experience of inclusion?
  • Does your initiative encourage students to be kind and compassionate to one another?
  • Does your initiative encourage youth to have healthy minds and healthy bodies?

If your initiative meets the above criteria and our mandate, and you are interested in obtaining support through a PTBM Grant, please complete the online Grant Application form below.


Should your grant proposal be approved, please take note of the following:

  • The project must be performed or completed as set forth in the proposal submitted to PTBM
    • Should changes need to be made to the grant project, the grant recipient must communicate the proposed changes to PTBM and have them approved in advance of project execution by the Board.
  • PTBM is not responsible for fees or costs incurred above the issued grant amount. Should a partial grant be approved, and costs exceed the amount of the grant, the awardee shall be responsible for the additional fees or costs incurred.



Grant recipients are required to keep a record of all receipts and expenditures relating to the grant received and provide Proud To Be Me with a short report summarizing the event or program offered. The report should describe the program’s progress in achieving the purposes of the grant, as outlined by the criteria and the grant proposal and must include a detailed account of the uses of expenditure of all grant funds as well as copies of receipts or invoices. Grant recipients may wish to include pictures, written or video testimonials or any other media format that showcases the event or program offered.


In any medium or platform in which the grant project appears subsequent to signing the letter of acceptance for the grant, it would be greatly appreciated if the grant recipient ensures that credit also be given to Proud To Be Me on air in the case of broadcast media, or in print, social media or any other media platform. This provision sets out to foster increased awareness of Proud To Be Me and our mandate, so that other individuals, events, schools or local organizations visit and show their support for our mission.

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