Our Story

Hello we are PROUD TO BE ME!

Established in 2011, we believe that being proud of who we are, is a basic fundamental quality necessary in today’s youth in order for them to contribute
to a world that is filled with compassion, empathy and kindness. Youth with high self esteem are less likely to be victimized, are less likely to grow up to victimize others and are more likely to have a positive impact within their communities.

We raise funds for community resources, organizations and programs that help empower and educate youth in our mission towards inclusion and anti-bullying.

Together we can have a positive impact and help create a community where all are accepted.

Our Commitment

We strive to improve youth programs and services in our community through our grants, to raise awareness and promote understanding through our events and workshops and to recognize the uniqueness of youth making positive impacts in our community through our awards and recognition programs.


Working in co-operation with local institutions, strategic partners and organizations, PTBM aspires to empower our youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to make difference in our community.